The Program consists of 750 class hours.
Included in your fees is a state of the art                 APILUS Senior Epilator

Term #1: 258 hours : [ 7 weeks]

ON LINE Academie' Dectro 

Term #2: 258 hours : [ 7 weeks]

ON LINE Academie' Dectro  Must be completed before 3rd term

Term #3: 250 hours : [12 1/2  weeks / 25 working days]

250 hours Practical Application


Tuition costs are subject to change. Any tuition or fee increases will become effective for the school term following student notification.

Application fee  $      100.00
Tuition                $ 10,800.00
Book Fees          $      300.00
Lab Fees            $    3,900.00 (includes cost of epilator, 4 forceps, 1 box of probes & 1 box of gloves, 2 sleeves of 2x2's, 1 bottle of witch hazel, 1 box of baby wipes, 1 carry all container (any extra supplies needed the student will have to purchase).

Total:                  $15,100.00

The Cosmetic Therapy Program is broken into academic terms for the purpose of collecting tuition and fees, and issuing of refunds if necessary. Tuition is due the first day of each term, in the amount of $5,000.00