Jo Melching
LPN / CT., Owner, Director of Education & 
Clinical Instructor

   I have been a nurse for 40 years and was employed at a local hospital with emphasis in Med-Surg Intensive Care, and for 17 years specializing in  Surgery& Recovery.  I have been an Electrologist / Cosmetic Therapist with a successful practice for 17 years.  Over 49 years of combined medical knowledge and experience I have developed an all-inclusive
 Cosmetic Therapy Program that will offer the student professional confidence, necessary skills and practical knowledge in the field of modern Electrology.

Lisa L. Baker
 B.A.,R.N., B.S.N., 
Instructor of Anatomy / Physiology & Sciences

Mrs. Baker is employed at Med-Central Mansfield and is an instructor of Nursing at Ashland University.  She will offer practical knowledge in related areas of Electrology such as; anatomy, physiology, dermatology and microbiology.

Anita Larsen
R.N.​, L.M.T., C.T.
Instructor of Anatomy/Physiology/Sciences & Massage Therapy

Ms. Larsen has been in the nursing profession almost 40 years, with experience in ICU, Respiratory, Cardiac, Dialysis & Emergency Room disciplines. She has worked in hospital settings throughout her career. She has been an instructor of BLS, ACLS & AP Massage Therapy. She has also successfully completed the Cosmetic Therapy program.

​Stacie Moore
Licensed Managing Esthetician Licensed Managing Esthetician
Licensed Cosmetic Therapist 
Clinical Instructor    


  Congratulations class of 2018/2019

Good Luck class of 2021

Next Class scheduled July 19, 2021